Learn to Use Microsoft Excel 2016

Learn to Use Microsoft Excel 2016

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Learn how to use the features of Excel® 2016 and experience some of the new features that are offered in Excel® 2016.  Excel® 2016 is the world’s premier spreadsheet software. You can use Excel to analyze numbers, keep track of data, and graphically represent your information. With Office® 2016 you are provided an improved landing screen, which makes launching, creating, collaborating, and sharing documents easier than previous versions of Excel. Excel® 2016 also has an improved user interface with an array of powerful tools to help you manage your data through OneDrive – and better information leads to better decision-making! Learn to Use Excel® 2016 is an omnibus collection of tools and how to’s.

  • Enter and edit data in a variety of ways
  • Understand formulas, functions, and formula auditing tools
  • Use the Quick Analysis features
  • Format worksheets and data
  • Print and share workbooks
  • Use SmartArt and other objects in worksheets
  • Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Record and run macros
  • Use analysis tools
  • Work with data and create great visualizations
  • Create arrays
  • Create a form using a variety of controls
  • Use trend lines, secondary axes and chart templates
  • Work with slicers in PivotTables
  • Create and manipulate a PowerView sheet
  • 2 new chapters highlighting new features and short cut keys


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