Learn to Use Microsoft Access 2016

Learn to Use Microsoft Access 2016

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Gain a deeper understanding of Access 2016 in a practical way. You will learn how to work with basic and advanced features in Access and help you better create and manage a database. Create web-centric web applications and increase your knowledge or how databases work. Learn how to create a database and database driven applications.

  • Use the Access Interface and understand security warnings
  • Understand database terms, tables, relationships, and other Access terms
  • Work in an App and share data using apps
  • Customize apps and use custom actions
  • Understand desktop database basics
  • Develop basic table tasks and work with fields and records
  • Develop and perform queries, forms, and reports
  • Customize Your Apps with Actions and Controls
  • Perform advanced record tasks
  • Add advanced types of fields
  • Work with different views
  • Work with macros
  • Design custom forms
  • Perform advanced reporting tasks
  • Use advanced database tools
  • Customize the Access environment
  • 2 new chapters highlighting new features and short cut keys


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