Learn to Use Microsoft Project 2016

Learn to Use Microsoft Project 2016

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Microsoft Project ® 2016 is an industry-leading tool for project managers worldwide. Learn how to use the features of Project® 2016 and go beyond a basic understanding and to explore the more advanced features of Project® 2016 in a practical way. You will be covering some of the more advanced tasks like working with custom fields, in-depth resource management, and performance measurements. Learn to Use Microsoft Project® 2016 is an omnibus collection of the essential and advanced how to tips.

  • Understand the Interface
  • Create a blank project or a project from a template
  • Work with tasks, sub tasks, and summaries for a project
  • Tools for updating a project
  • Manage the critical path
  • Create basic and visual reports
  • Print a project workbook
  • Work with resource calendars
  • Manage financial aspects of a project
  • View project statistics
  • Check duration variance, work variance, and cost variance
  • Work with and compare multiple projects
  • Customize Project for your working environment
  • Use Microsoft SharePoint task lists, and Excel Workbooks to create projects
  • Work with formulas and other features
  • 2 new chapters highlighting new features and short cut keys


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