Learn to Use Microsoft Visio 2016

Learn to Use Microsoft Visio 2016

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Learn how to use Microsoft Visio® 2016. Microsoft Visio® 2016 is a drawing application that uses different shapes and stencils to help you draw different types of diagrams. You can use Microsoft Visio® to create simple flowcharts, complicated engineering plans, wire frames and layouts for websites and app development, and many other template shapes. Learn to Use Visio® 2016 is a collection of how to increase productivity using Microsoft Visio® 2016 for business and engineering modeling.

  • Understand the Visio interface
  • Work with multiple files and setups
  • Setup screen elements, guides, and ruler and grid settings
  • Find, place, format, and modify shapes on a drawing
  • Add text to a shape
  • Use the Tools group
  • Use themes
  • Validate the drawing
  • Add a legend
  • Share and collaborate on drawings
  • Understand advanced Visio definitions
  • Create new drawings using a variety of templates
  • Create and save a custom stencil
  • Control shape placement on a drawing
  • Use Quick Shapes
  • Work with layers, multi-page drawings, and data
  • Work with industry standard templates
  • 2 new chapters highlighting new features and short cut keys


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