Learn to Use Microsoft Word 2016

Learn to Use Microsoft Word 2016

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Learn to Use Microsoft Word® 2016 and get into standard and advanced features of the program.  Better organized tools and a new set of templates and design tools are included with Word® 2016. Users are also given an improved interface with an array of powerful tools to help you share your documents through OneDrive. Learn to Use Word® 2016 is an omnibus collection of tools and guides for navigating and using Microsoft Word® 2016. Learn how to turn Microsoft Word into an advanced productivity and desktop publishing tool.

  • Understand the interface, including the ribbon, the status bar
  • Perform editing tasks
  • Format fonts, paragraphs, and more advanced formatting
  • Format paragraphs
  • Share and Collaborate
  • Use Styles and Themes
  • Preview, print, share, or email document
  • Understand and use views and Word window tasks
  • Perform advanced editing and formatting tasks
  • Insert and format illustrations and pictures
  • Use SmartArt, tables, and special objects
  • Advanced translation, language and reviewing
  • Use tables and special objects such as cover pages and text boxes
  • Create reusable content
  • Develop and use templates, macros, and forms
  • Use sections, cross references, and mail merges
  • Use master documents and subdocuments
  • 2 new chapters highlighting new features and short cut keys


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