Microsoft Project 2013 Expert eBook

Microsoft Project 2013 Expert eBook

$ 16.99


Microsoft Project is an industry-leading tool for project managers worldwide. Learn how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Project® 2013 and go beyond a basic understanding and to explore the more advanced features of Microsoft Project® 2013 in a practical way. Microsoft Project® 2013 has been completely redesigned, and we must say, we’re pretty excited! You will be covering some of the more advanced tasks like working with custom fields, in-depth resource management, and performance measurements.

Topics Covered Include:

• Set general, display, calendar, schedule, proofing, saving, and language options

• Customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar

• Set defaults for task types and assignment units

• Create a template from a completed project

• Use existing projects, Microsoft SharePoint task lists, and Excel Workbooks to create projects

• Understand types of custom fields

• Create custom task, resource, and project fields

• Use a lookup table

• Create basic formulas


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