Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced eBook

Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced eBook

$ 16.99


Learn how to use the advanced features of Microsoft Visio® 2013 and get up and running with Microsoft Visio® 2013. Learn how to use the new interface, create drawings, add shapes, customize your screen for maximum productivity, and format their drawing.

Topics Covered Include:

• Understand advanced Visio definitions

• Create new drawings using a variety of templates

• Create and save a custom stencil

• Control shape placement on a drawing

• Use Quick Shapes

• Lock and protect shapes

• Understand the Layer Properties dialog box

• Activate a layer

• Assign color to a layer

• Add pages to a drawing

• Hyperlink between pages

• View area measurements

• Work with a Building Plan layout

• Understand how to use data with your drawings

• Modify ShapeSheet data

• Use a formula in the ShapeSheet


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